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Hindi film music has been an indispensable part of our growing years. The harmony of great lyrics with lilting music and melodious singing is etched in our soul. We believe that such evergreen music should live in our hearts forever. The Navras* portrayed by the lyricists and so beautifully conveyed by the singers is sheer magic. We want to eternally remember these great music maestros through their songs. 

While we welcome the new style of music, our motive is to keep alive the simplicity of these old melodies. Our radio will rekindle the nostalgia which is slowly fading away. From time to time you will also enjoy some super hit numbers by our refreshing new talents in the Bollywood music industry.

We are a bunch of friends who share a passion for old hindi songs. We maintain this blog during our spare time as a hobby, so that music lovers from across the globe who dont have access or have limited access to such treasures can also enjoy it. We have chipped in some money, efforts, time and most importantly our love for old hindi film music in order to run this small internet radio. Ours is a non-profit oriented net radio.

*Navras -  Hindu philosophy of music believes that there are nine emotional states that are expressed through music and dance.